Premium 680 PVC

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Premium 680 PVC

Premium 680 is our general purpose PVC: the perfect all-round fabric for indoor or outdoor use. Recommended for patio blinds, trailer covers, ute covers, lifting bags or custom covers.

Premium 680 is a high-strength polyester fabric, with an increased UV-stabilized soft-PVC coating on both sides.

Austrian made by Sattler, Premium 680 is a 670gsm PVC. We stock a wide range of colours... see below for the full range, specifications and cleaning instructions.


  Standard Av. Normal Data
Base DIN 60001 Polyester
Weave DIN/ISO 9354 L1:1

Total Weight (gsm)

DIN/EN/ISO 2286-2 670

Tensile Strength

Warp/Weft (N/5cm)

DIN/EN/ISO 1421 4300/4000

Tear Resistance

Warp/weft (N)

DIN53363 300/300
Adhesion (N/5cm) DIN/EN/ISO 2411 120
Cold Resistance (⁰C) DIN/EN 1876-1 -30
Heat Resistance (⁰C) IVK/Pkt. 5 +70
Light Fastness DIN/EN/ISO 105-B02 min. 7
Flame Retardancy DIN 75200/ISO 3795 Yes
Flex Resistance DIN 53359-Form A 100.000
Fire Behaviour ISO 3795 1989 <100mm/min

 NOTE: subject to change in view of technical upgrades. Values indicated are average nominal values for normal production with a tolerance of +/- 5%. 


Stock Colour Range

Please note: actual colour may vary. Contact us or visit our showroom to see colour samples.

What Products Use Premium 680 PVC?

Zip system manual patio blinds, custom designed for New Zealand weather.
Tension system manual patio blinds, custom designed for New Zealand weather.
Our innovative thermal barriers are the toughest available. Keep chilled and frozen cargo separate.
Gearbox Patio Blinds, custom designed for New Zealand weather. Easy to use and cost-effective.
Sandpit Covers and Outdoor Furniture Covers, designed to last under New Zealand sunlight.
Custom lifting bags, tool bags and aprons designed to suit your requirements.
We manufacture a wide range of agricultural covers, for everything on your farm.
Tough Boat Covers, Ute Tauny Covers and Trailer Covers. Designed to last from over 30 years' experience.
We can custom make PVC or canvas covers to suit any need.

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Premium 680 PVC

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