Hot Mix Covers

Hot Mix Covers

Tough Hot Mix truck covers, designed to keep hot mix at temperature during transport.

Our innovative triple skin covers combine the durability of Ripstop PVC with the thermal properties of Jute. A layer of Jute covered both sides with a layer of Ripstop 7000 resists tearing, UV exposure and heat from the hot mix, while maintaining the right temperature.

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Dropside Tarpaulins

Custom built truck covers & tarpaulins, designed for the New Zealand market, made from tough PVC and canvas.

Roll Over Covers

Tough truck roll over covers, built from ripstop PVC or canvas. Designed to last.

Transport Tarpaulins

Tough ripstop transport tarpaulins, made in New Zealand for over 30 years. Canvas or PVC.

Small Truck Covers

Easy to use small truck covers, custom designed for your requirements. Tough ripstop PVC or canvas.

Hot Mix Covers

Tough Hot Mix truck covers, large and small. Single skin PVC or innovative triple skin options.