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Straitline® Sustainability Initiatives

Side Curtain End of Life Programme

Don't want your old truck curtains going to landfill? Straitline® has a re-use programme available. When we replace your curtains at our Palmerston North workshop, we'll take your old curtainsides and give them a second life as firewood covers, ag tarps, and more!

Production Waste Reduction

Straitline has worked to reduce production waste to landfill through several initiatives:

  • Use of plotting software to reduce fabric waste
  • Using fabric scraps for patching and reinforcements wherever possible
  • All scrap aluminium and steel is sent to metal recyclers
  • Waste cardboard is sent to OJI Fibre for recycling

Sustainable Materials

Straitline is currently testing a range of sustainable materials to reduce carbon emissions from our products. More information coming soon!


Straitline® Canvas Environment & Sustainability Policy

Straitline® Mission Statement

We make transport operators’ lives easier.

It is up to us to lead the way and make sustainable options easy for our customers to adopt. Straitline® will find ways to improve the sustainability and environmental performance of our products and operations. As part of the industrial textiles industry, our products are currently reliant on plastic.


We will identify opportunities to improve sustainability and reduce our environmental impact. However, we can’t do this alone. It is up to all stakeholders, especially employees and vendors, to work with us to achieve realistic objectives that our customers are willing to buy.
Straitline®, along with all stakeholders, must comply with applicable environmental laws, including terms of any government consent related to their operations.
All vendors and employees must commit to following this policy.

Current Objectives

  1. Identify which parts of Straitline®’s operations could impact the environment and create systems to minimise the possible impact. Ensure staff are trained in these processes.
  2. Continue improving our end-of-life reuse programme for side curtains, especially through upcycling.
  3. Investigate and field test more sustainable raw materials for our products, especially recycled plastic.

Continuous Improvement

Straitline® will review new ideas and opportunities for improving sustainability and environmental performance at least annually. We welcome all ideas.
We ask our stakeholders, especially employees and vendors, to let us know if they have any ideas on how we can improve.
Straitline® will review this policy bi-annually, including progress towards our objectives, and adjust as needed.


Authorised by Patrick Currie

General Manager