Gearbox Patio Blinds

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Gearbox Patio Blinds

Both easy to use and cost-effective, our Gearbox Outdoor Patio Blinds are custom designed to withstand New Zealand weather. Gearbox Patio Blinds fix only at the top and can be raised and lowered with a simple winder handle & gearbox system. An aluminium bottom bar provides wind resistance and ensures even tension. Perfect for larger blinds, or outdoor areas where ease of use and cost are important.

Extensive research and customer feedback have shaped our design: simple, cost-effective and easy to use. Available with Clear PVC or Privacy Mesh. All Blinds have a 150mm Outdoor 6000 PVC border for structural strength.

  • Easy to use gearbox & winder handle operation
  • 750 micron Clear PVC or Outdoor 3000 Mesh
  • Click here for details of Clear PVC
  • Tough Outdoor 6000 European PVC borders (670gsm)
  • Click here for Outdoor 6000 colours and details
  • Aluminium bottom bar to ensure even tension
  • Installation available
  • See the images above for examples
  • See below for our care & cleaning information
  • See below for our Gearbox Patio Blind installation instructions

Need replacement spare parts? Click here to visit our Shades & Blinds Parts Online Store.

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Gearbox Patio Blinds, custom designed for New Zealand weather. Easy to use and cost-effective.

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