Shade Sails

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Shade Sails

Outdoor area too hot? Need to protect your kids from UV exposure? Straitline® has decades of experience manufacturing Shade Sails for the Manawatu climate. We custom design each Shade Sail to suit your needs. We use the chain & shackles tensioning system, for easy installation and to avoid binding issues common with turnbuckles.

We use Australian-made Shadetex Shade Mesh, available in 370 Premium or 320 Standard grade. Shadetex reduces UV exposure by 85-95% and comes with a 15 year (370) or 10 year (320) UV guarantee. We also offer Extrablock 330, which offers maximum UV protection - reducing UV exposure by 96-98% - and comes with a 12 year UV guarantee.

All our shade sails are made using UV-resistant PTFE thread, guaranteed to resist UV for the life of the fabric. Straitline® guarantees the workmanship on our Shade Sails for the life of the Shade Sail.

Full service installation available - shade sails and poles. We service Palmerston North, Manawatu, and Whanganui.

You are welcome to source and install poles yourself. Please follow our recommended pole specifications, available for download below.

Need replacement spare parts? Click here to visit our Shades & Blinds Parts Online Store.

Other Shade Solutions

Need a retractable solution? Try our Swingline Sun Awnings.

Need shade under an existing clear plastic roof? We recommend our Overhead Shade Covers... contact us for a quote or more information.

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Note: since a site visit is required, we normally only service Palmerston North, Manawatu, and Whanganui. For more information, please contact us.





Shade Sails — Contact Straitline


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