Shade Sail Bracket - $16.00

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Shade Sail Bracket - $16.00*

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stainless steel wall mount shade sail bracket


Stainless steel wall mount bracket for Shade Sails. 100mm x 60mm, 20mm opening.

Code: G51

Shade Sail parts. Shade Canvas parts. We've got you covered.

Shade Sail Bracket - $16.00 — Contact Straitline


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2.4m 100NB Steel Shade Sail Pole - $410.00

2.4m high shade sail pole, 100NB galvanised steel.

3m 100NB Steel Shade Sail Pole - $596.00

3m high shade sail pole, 100NB galvanised steel.

4.3m Commercial Grade Steel Shade Sail Pole - $967.00

4.3m high shade sail pole, commercial grade 125NB galvanised steel.

Shade Sail Ratchet - $26.00

Ratchet and strap for safe installation/removal of shade sails.

Shade Sail Bracket - $16.00

Stainless steel wall mount bracket for shade sails.

Precut SS Chain with Shackles - $31.00

Stainless steel. Connects shade sail to pole or bracket.

8mm SS Shackle - $7.00

Stainless steel 8mm shackle.

8mm SS Bow Shackle - $8.00

Stainless steel 8mm bow shackle.

8mm SS Turnbuckle - $20.00

8mm stainless steel turnbuckle. Used instead of chain on some smaller shade sails.

M12 SS Eyebolt - $10.00

M12 SS eyebolt with M12 nyloc nut.

Eyebolt M12x140 SS - $22.00

140mm stainless steel eyebolt.

Eyebolt M12x200 SS - $24.00

200mm stainless steel eyebolt.

Eyebolt M12x300 Galv - $28.00

300mm galvanised eyebolt, for use with timber poles.

Patio Blind Cleaner 1L - $18.00

Cleaner for Patio Blinds. 1L spray bottle.

Silicone Spray - $25.00

500mL spray can of Silicone for lubricating Ziptrak® Patio Blinds.

Stowage Strap Black - $5.20

25SR black tie strap for Patio Blinds.

Stowage Strap White - $5.20

25SR white tie strap for Patio Blinds.

Pull Stick - $30.00

Pull Stick for Ziptrak® Patio Blinds.

SS Fold Flat Ring - $9.00

Stainless steel fold flat ring for Tension Patio Blinds.

Tension Blind SS Hook - $12.00

Stainless steel hook for Tension Patio Blinds.

Tension Blind Adjustment Knob - $4.60

Black adjustment knob for Tension Patio Blinds.

Rope Track 6m - $42.00

Aluminium rope track (6m length). For use with shade sails and patio blinds.

8x32mm SS Screws (50 pack) - $10.00

8x32mm stainless steel screws. Pack of 50.

Screw Caps (50 pack) - $10.00

Black plastic screw caps. Pack of 50.

HM0 Plastic Hooks Black (10 pack) - $8.00

Black plastic HM0 hooks (10 pack).

Trailer Cover Bar - $24.00

12mm steel bar for trailer covers. Helps prevent water pooling on top.

Rod Holder - $3.20

Rod holders for mounting trailer cover bars.

Ute Tie 110mm - $6.00

Shockcord ute tie, 110mm long.

Ute Shock Knob - $1.40

Black plastic shock knob for ute covers.