Large Tarp Hook - $12.60

Large Tarp Hook - $12.60*

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Large cast aluminium tarpaulin hook. Useful for tying side curtains back, as the hook gap is large enough to fit a rave hook. 98mm long, 30mm wide, 20mm hook gap.

Code: G136

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Large Tarp Hook - $12.60 — Contact Straitline


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1.3m Green Tarpaulin Ropes (Bundle of 10) - $32.00

1.3m long, 7mm UV-stabilised PPE spliced tarpaulin rope.

1.8m Black Tarpaulin Ropes (Bundle of 10) - $40.00

1.8m long, 7mm UV-stabilised PPE spliced tarpaulin rope.

2.5m Yellow Tarpaulin Ropes (Bundle of 10) - $44.00

2.5m long, 7mm UV-stabilised PPE spliced tarpaulin rope.

1.5T 6m Strop - $31.00

1.5 tonne rated, 6m loadbinder ratchet strop. 35mm wide.

2.5T 8.7m Strop - $40.00

2.5 tonne rated, 8.7m loadbinder ratchet strop. 50mm wide.

Large Pocket Oversize Load Flags (Set of 4) - $48.00

High vis Oversize Load Flags with Large Pockets (Set of 4). Fits over side curtain straps, for short term use.

Standard Pocket Oversize Load Flag - $12.00

High vis Oversize Load Flag with Pocket. Designed for sliding over side curtain straps, for long term use.

Eyelet Oversize Load Flag - $16.00

High vis Oversize Load Flag with eyelets.

HM2 Steel Tarpaulin Hooks (10 Pack) - $40.00

Recommended for use with Straitline® Canvas tarpaulin ropes or shockcord. Pack of 10.

HM1 Steel Hooks (10 Pack) - $32.00

Smaller than HM2s, HM1 steel hooks are perfect for light duty applications. Pack of 10.

Large Tarp Hook - $12.60

Large aluminium tarpaulin hook.

Boat Hook - $15.00

Single boat hook, can be used for operating roll over covers from the ground.

Solcor 8mm Shockcord 100m Roll - $300.00

Solcor 8mm solid core shockcord. 100m roll.

7mm Shockcord 100m Roll - $180.00

7mm stranded shockcord. 100m roll.

5mm Shockcord 100m Roll - $160.00

5mm stranded shockcord. 100m roll.

3.5mm Shockcord 100m Roll - $100.00

3.5mm stranded shockcord. 100m roll.

Safety Document Pouch - $18.00

Perfect for safety documents or dangerous goods/HAZCHEM documents.

Thermal Barrier Base Kit - $64.00

Replacement base kit for Straitline® Canvas Thermal Barriers.

Solcor Connectors (10 Pack) - $22.00

Recommended for joining Solcor 8mm Shockcord. Pack of 10.

Roll Over Cover Handle - $36.00

Standard steel winder handle for roll over covers.