Solcor 8mm Shockcord 100m Roll - $310.00

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Solcor 8mm Shockcord (100m Roll) - $310.00*

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Buy Solcor 8mm Solid Core Shockcord (100m Rolls) online now.

roll of 8mm solid rubber core bungee shock cord


8mm solid core shock cord, made in New Zealand. Solid core shockcord doesn't fray when the sheath wears and is more resistant to UV radiation than stranded shockcord. Solcor is stronger and lasts longer than other shockcord. Recommended for use on trucks. Also called bungy or stretch cord. Sold in 100m rolls.

To join Solcor, Straitline® recommends using Solcor Connectors - click here to order a pack of 10 connectors.

Also available in stranded 3.5mmstranded 5mm, and stranded 7mm.

Need Solcor for an Elliptical Tarpaulin? We recommend using Solcor Core (click here to order).

Code: TP31001 (ROLL)

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Solcor 8mm Shockcord 100m Roll - $310.00 — Contact Straitline


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Solcor 8mm Shockcord 100m Roll - $310.00

Solcor 8mm solid core shockcord. 100m roll.

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